We want to hear about your experience!

Do you have a great story about helping out at Addison? The Addison FBI wants to hear about it!

Sharing your experiences is a great way to get other fathers and male role models excited about helping out at Addison Elementary.

If you have a short story or quote about helping out, please send it to us by e-mail at brad.cohen@cobbk12.org. We'd love to pass it along!

"Few things make my daughter happier than when I take time to be with her at school. Whether it is meeting for a lunch or helping out at an afterschool eventómy being there not only brings a smile to her face but also lets her know that I care about her and school. She knows that what's important in her world is important to me too!"  - Chris W., FBI Dad

"I enjoy meeting Dads of Addison where my daughter attends. Growing friendships is fun for both my daughter and me. She makes new friends and I already know their dad! Plus spending more time with daughter while helping school. Win,win!" - Mike P., FBI Dad

"Breakfast with my kids at school was great! Thank you."  - D.H. Ellis


"With life being more and more fast and furious, it is awesome to see programs like Addison FBI give dads the opportunity to spend time in their childrenís educational experiences."  - Richard B.


""I love it! I get to spend time with my dad."  - Reagan W., 3rd Grade Student


"I want you to know how much I appreciate the FBI reading with our students. Our FBI Buddy Reader was great with my two students.  Both girls were just bursting with pride that they were able to have one on one time.  It was an uplifting way to start the day!" - Mrs. Becker, First Grade Teacher


"It is an amazing sight to see so many dads wanting to be involved in their childís life at school!"  - Mr. Cohen, Assistant Principal



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